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8270 ss chassis klixon problem


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  • 8270 ss chassis klixon problem

    I currently have a side project with a SS chassis t(Omega tek board) I had to originally had a problem of not cycling from B.E. control box.after going through all connection from both C1 and C 2 and all connection from each relay and contactors.i got it to start cycling again but now it has a problem with the OLL klixon protection for the mask lights.when the chassis is powered on .the klixon will keep popping.and I can't get 1st or 2nd ball light to change from b.e. control stepper zero.does any one with decent experience in these chassis have a good idea of where to check on the chassis.maybe its the klixon that's bad?

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    If it isn't the klixon itself try looking at the heat sink and see if maybe a screw is wedged there or maybe a broken wire.


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      Sure enough.i had looked into the chassis earlier and I did find an old jumper wire from one of the contactors sitting RIGHT the smallest things that make the biggest difference.thank you for your input


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