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8270 pbL ratchet tension


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  • 8270 pbL ratchet tension

    I had recently had to replace a pbL lift in a pair of lanes.after getting everything centered and lined up and putting back on all my belts and tensioners and going through all other adjustments for lift height etc..go to run and I have lost tension on my ratchet wheel assembly belt going to the has its belt tensioner on but it seems like there isn't any tension on the belt itself.the belt is loose enough to be able to run off the ratchets wheel.i know it's not the belt for I have tried replacing with a new with no results.thought about trying to run a smaller belt.does anybody know what that's caused by.i would hate to say it's in the pbL lift I replaced.the assembly checked out good before I put it in.its just weird that it would lose tension in just the ratchet assembly.any input would be helpful thank you

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    It really couldn’t be to much really. I normally remove service and put the original back into the same pair. That way it eliminates adjusting the ratchet etc. if service that PBL that came out and put it back in. Then if the problem goes away you’ve got an issue with that PBL


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      Check the shock on the lift, make sure the middle link mount is not broken.


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        I know its obvious , but check to make sure belt is on sheeve at bottom of lift and not next to sheeve, I have had it happen


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          Did the 2 drive pulleys get mixed up on bottom of the PBL? The bigger one should be on the ratchet side.
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            DarkDays yes all the pulleys where on the right side for the ratchet wheel on the pbL I installed.i ended up just rebuilding the old pbL I took out and put back in and I got my tension back on my ratchet I'm guessing it was the pbL that was installed as to why I lost tension in just my ratchet assembly.ill have to take a little time to look at it again to see exactly what on the pbL was causing that to happen


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              Has the bad PBL always been a good spare? I can’t understand how it’s losing tension but clearly it’s got an issue. Have a look at everything and let us know what you find


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                On early PBLs (and pre-PBL lifts) there was an adjustment at the top of the shock. The shock stem was fully threaded from the stop all the way up the top, allowing you to adjust the length of the shock at the top bracket. This was to get the slope angle of the lift aligned more with the lift rail assembly. Lengthening the shock would move the bottom pulley down and away from the ratchet. Shortening it does the opposite.

                QAMF changed the setup with the Gripper PBL system, putting two ball door ring spacers (the ones that go behind the back rail) under the rubber bumper set, eliminating that adjustment point. Newer lift shocks no longer have full threaded stems (and the old full threaded Monroe shock isn't available any more AFAIK). To compensate for it they added a new upper support plate assembly on the tube with elongated mounting holes locked down with cap screws and lock nuts (instead of the old piece held in place with drive rivets). This is supposed to give you the slope adjustment back but it's a big pain in the ass to deal with.

                (Can you tell I absolutely despise this newer setup?? IMNSHO.... when you have a good system don't screw around with it. )

                --- rant over ---

                Now.... I have run into a situation where I couldn't get the ratchet belt back on after changing a lift, and had to remove one of the ball door spacers to get the bottom of the lift back far enough to get a belt on. All of my lifts have a fixed upper support plate on the tube and I don't have much desire to go changing them all out.

                So just as a wild guess.... I would look closely at the two shock setups on those PBLs. And also just for the hell of it I would look to see if the upper support is installed in the right location. For PBL it should be in the upper four holes on the tube.

                -- Larry


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                  I'm with Dark Days on this one.
                  There! Try to NOT work now!


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                    Ok so just a little follow up TheLegend .I had checked to see if the upper support was on the right spot and it was on the two upper like you said.we actually removed our shocks years ago and replaced with springs that just wrap around the upper part of tube and hook up on both side of washer frame.the only assembly that looked like it was installed wrong was the shaft assembly adjustment and lower support.i have not got a chance yet to just put it in another lane and test.will do a follow up once I do


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