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Light ball sensor band


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  • Light ball sensor band

    I work with 82-70 machines
    and the light ball sensor band that moves the rudder kicking out balls
    continues to keep popping off
    the band after a few ball have been through the system
    will just pop off
    any ideas ?
    much appreciated mike

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    We need a little bit more info to help you here. When you say the “band” is that the belt on the rudder? If it is make sure all the belts are inline and that the PBL has no major sideways movement. Check the belt tensioner moves free and also the correct 3 belts have been installed on it.

    Good luck and let us know the outcome.



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      I'm also presuming it's the rudder drive belts and I agree with Ausweegie's assessment.

      But I'll add the following.

      -- Is the belt tightener sitting square with the belts? If not lubed properly the oilite bearings in the two forks get worn and will allow the assembly to tilt towards the odd machine.

      -- Condition of the double pulley on the tightener. Are there any dents in the pulley's groove that the belt sits in??

      -- The tube shaft mounted in the odd kickback frame that holds the rudder crank shaft. Is the set screw holding it in place tight?? If loose it can allow the rudder crank pulley to wobble.
      -- Larry


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