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Pindeck light short AMF 82-70


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  • Pindeck light short AMF 82-70

    So heres is a wierd one.i was doing some front end maintenance on a pair of lanes.we had converted all our lanes to l.e.d lights for our pindecks awhile back.the machine I was working on was on and motors switched off and unplugged so I may keep the pindecks light on.we started to get busy in our house with open I opened up the lane that was adjacent in the same pair I was working on while I was still on the other lane doing maintenance.i had accidentally pulled on the pindecklight plug when I was getting up from the pindeck to the catwalk.this shorted one of the wires connecting to the l.e.d conversion because it got was also enough to flip the power breaker and turn the machine off.(this is where it got weird)i wasn't too worried about reconnecting the wire back and flipping the breaker back on to turn the machine back on, but when that happened.i got a machine call from our front desk to fix the lane next to me that I let open up.(they thought it was piled up)I look over the lane for the call and all I see is double stacked pins in bins that did not set.i go to cycle out the machine .sweep stays in 2nd guard because there is no response from binswitch.i try swapping the chassis real fast with another good working one, but it did not fix the that point I was looking towards the bin switch when I noticed the bin switch did not even have a sensor light on.i didn't have a spare sensor since these where our durabin conversions so I was going to just swap the sensor with the lane next to it(the lane I accidentally shorted the pindeck light wire on).keep in mind that I had not yet been able to fix the short because of that call,and I thought it would take too long to swap the bin sensors(still had bowlers waiting) so instead went to go fix the short real fast so I could just get that lane back up and have the bowlers just transfer over lanes.when I fixed that and flipped my breaker back on to the machine.then the bin switch on the other lane magically stared working again.just a little head scratcher as to why that even happened.i don't think that should be possible being as it was 2 seperate lanes in 2 seperate areas of the machine.has anything like this happened in your house?

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    Looks like you have 70s. With Durabins.

    So I’ll assume your bin switch is plugged into a wall outlet on the curtain wall.

    Most likely when your wall breaker tripped on the lane you were working on, it’s also most likely the circuit where your bin switch is plugged into on the curtain wall.


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      Yeah I’m with East on that one. It really can’t be much if you have the optic switch plugged into the wall outlet


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