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solid state chassis help


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  • solid state chassis help

    I have a chassis that causes a coasting sweep. Its in the chassis because problem moves with chassis. Chassis has bowl-tronics solid state boards (new) and omega tek board. Swaped out omega tek board coasting still there. C1 pins all look good. Any other ideas I can try.
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    Re: solid state chassis help

    You might be able to isolate it further by swapping the sweep and table motor plugs. See if you might have a bad bowltech board.
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      Re: solid state chassis help

      Put a regular contactor back for the sweep. This is a fairly common problem with the s/s contactors.
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        Re: solid state chassis help

        Indeed. Triac's (solid state relays) are not really very good for braking of the motors, as also seen in the 90XL chassis! ARRRGGGG.

        Swop chassis to make sure the problem moves etc...

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          Re: solid state chassis help

          Pietenpol has a good suggestion because it will tell you whether you have an incompatibility between your SS contactors and your motors (and the motor's start switches), or simply a problem with your sweep HV circuit within the chassis (including possibly the SS contactor itself).

          If it only affects the sweep output, then check your sweep HV wiring (between C1 and the SS contactor) very carefully. Otherwise, try swapping the CC contactor with a new one (if you have one - perhaps swap it with the one on the table in the same chassis). That might prove it's a contactor issue and you can send it back and get a new one.


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            Re: solid state chassis help

            Replace the sweep cantactor in the chassis i have had this problem once before. the contactor had burnt points which did not always engage the sweep capasitor 1 (bracking) at the right time


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