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  • MP Chassis

    So despite being amf certified, on the course I wasnt shown anything to do with the MP Chassis....

    I would like to learn more on it, I know the basics like the contactors, relays (the clear ice cube things right?)
    Is there a manual out there which also gives me common faults and fixes?

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    Re: MP Chassis

    When I ran the courses I spent a half day going through the basics of the m.p.chassis and its functions and as much info. as I felt was needed.
    Thus fault finding etc.can be made easier.
    There is not a manual as such but there are people out there who are excellent in m.p.electrical matters and Alistair is one of those people.
    good luck from Scotland.


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      Re: MP Chassis

      I can dig up my list of MP chassis components and what they are responsible for and post it if you like, it's not exactly a troubleshooting guide but it can help track down a problem if you know what everything in there is for.


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        Re: MP Chassis

        Maister..... Just by you saying that... I think I know who you are
        TABLEJAM, That would be awesome if you could do that!


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          Re: MP Chassis

          I will work on that later Sir.


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            Re: MP Chassis

            OK so this is from my time at the AMF pinspotter school taught by Jon Isbell. It is a rundown of the 9800 MP chassis components, I believe this can also be found in the manual but if you don't have one then here is the list. This has helped me many times with MP problems. Some of these are obvious and some may not be.

            <span style="font-weight: bold">COMPONENT --- PURPOSE</span>

            M --- Turns on machine using manager's control circuit
            M2 --- Sweep Reverse relay
            BE --- Turns on back end motor (B.E. relay)
            S --- DPDT contactor, runs sweep through N.O. contacts, N.C. used for braking (sweep relay)
            T --- DPDT contactor, runs table through N.O. contacts, N.C. used for braking (table relay)
            SP --- Spot Relay, operates spot (and respot if present) solenoids and Framemeter
            M1 --- Up front ball return relay
            KLIXON --- Overload protection device
            T1 --- Provides various voltages for chassis operations (big giant transformer)
            T2 --- Manager's Control transformer, provides voltage for MC circuit, hot whenever power is present at machine
            T3 --- MP Board transformer, provides voltage for circuit board, hot whenever power is present at machine
            T4 --- Provides coil voltage for M1 and BE relays, hot whenever power is present at machine
            CB1 --- Protects transformers T1, T3, and T4 PRIMARY windings, 115VAC
            CB2 --- Protects T2 PRIMARY windings, 115VAC
            CB3 --- Protects T1 SECONDARY windings, 24VAC
            CB4 --- Protects T3 SECONDARY windings, 24VAC
            OLL#1 --- Klixon, protects Sparemaker lights
            OLL#2 --- Klixon, protects 1st and 2nd ball, strike, and foul indicators on mask
            C1 --- High Voltage connections, motors, solenoids, pit light, main power
            C2A --- Low Voltage connections, control switches and other low voltage circuits



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              Re: MP Chassis

              awesome, thankyou very much sir! You are a valuable member!


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                Re: MP Chassis

                Knowing the components and their purpose is definitely the first step.

                The next step is learning how to read and understand the wiring diagram, and how to use your multimeter to trace circuits and test components. Otherwise, you will be changing a lot of unnecessary parts that could cut into your budget and waste your time.

                Keep in mind that the wiring diagram may not always be correct (I’ve found errors in the past) and there are different versions where circuits have been moved and/or added(revised).

                Then you need to apply logic to all this. For an example of this, read the thread


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                  Re: MP Chassis

                  well, i can just about read wiring diagrams and use a multimeter to test AC/DC and continuity.
                  but im no electrician lol


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                    Re: MP Chassis

                    Ratchet you are very welcome.


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                      Hello maybe you guys can help me with my 8270 mp chassis problem. I put a chassis on a machine to test it and as soon as I turn it own couple seconds later it trips the CB1 breaker. I changed out the breaker, relays, still has a issue. Could it be the main T1 Transformer?

                      Thanks for any help.


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                        JSewell...I responded in your original post so we don't get multiple threads on the same topic.


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                          I closed this thread, please follow the link below to the new thread on this topic.



                          Mike Wilson
                          Bowl-Tech Inc.


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