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AMF 82-70 MP Chassis


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  • AMF 82-70 MP Chassis

    Having a problem with a chassis. When the chassis calls for cycle, the Sweep contact connects and nothing moves.
    What I have done so far:
    1 - checked and changed any pins that appear to be bad
    2 - replaced the chassis with a good one to ensure the problem was the chassis and not the C1 plug
    3 - I have changed the Relays for the sweep and the table
    4 - I have changed the S, M and M2 relays
    5 - I have replaced the MP Board with one which has proven to be good
    6 - I have tried the chassis in a different lane to ensure the problem is within the chassis itself

    Any ideas on where to look next would be greatly appreciated.

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    Only suggestion at the moment is to put this chassis and a operating one next to it and compare the C1 plug to see if a pin has shoved in and is hiding,or you may have that mystery pin that pushes in when you plug it in.
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      Check the small white breakers on the side of the chassis to see if ones is not closed.
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        Thanks, I got it. One of the pins in the C1 was indeed pushing in when I plugged it in.


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          Thats good news that you have got it!
          There is good news and bad news here... It stinks that the chassis made you change all that BUT it should be happy for a long time now
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