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82-30 upgrades.


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  • 82-30 upgrades.

    who is sick of searching for k-l circuit problems? i was, so i set out to find a way of removing the k-l cct. having worked on 70's i investigated how i could fit an "AND"
    cct. to a 30. the outcome was a pcb about 40mm square that holds the ten diodes,a relay and rectifier. this pcb mounts in the "P"box and makes the k-l wiring in the table obsolete as it works off the earthing of the pindication to register a "strike" or not. table wiring is then only one wire to each sw-6.
    also i have had what i call a "cell protection unit" on test for the past 2 years and am now doing a full centre instal.
    if you are familiar with a 70, the CPU is basically the same as the gripper protection switch circuit. it works in conjunction with the k-l cct and "senses" if a cell is latched up. basically if a cell is latched up after the 1 ball cycle after the sweep drops to 76 deg. on 2 ball the timer motor will not run stopping the machine from spotting. once the cell is unlatched the timer motor runs and the cycle completes.originally i had it stopping the table running but as soon as you unlatched the cell the table spotted, a bit awkward if you're leaning over the table unlatching the 2 pin cell! i have incorporated a bypass switch just in case you have a stray earth in the k-l which will put the machine back to normal operation and also a flashing led is used to indicate that a cell is latched up. i currently have 12 lanes wired and it is amazing how many latch ups we have encountered, even during leagues , that the bowlers just reset. also the number of bent cell grippers has reduced significantly.
    if you want to know more on these feel free to e me.



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