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The Super Awesome Motor Test Box!!!


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  • The Super Awesome Motor Test Box!!!

    We decided it was time for us to have a motor test box, so we could conveniently test motors on the bench before putting them on a machine.

    Just your basic box really, metal enclosure, transformer, contactor, capacitors, switches, etc, but certainly not 'ordinary'.

    We thought "why not spruce it up a bit, and make it flashy".... literally.

    So, this is what we came up with and my B designed and built it all himself, fantastic job...

    This is the contactor contained inside. We were NOT going to use some inferior quality contactor that would just fail, that would be pointless...

    This is the Stahl's "super-monster-contactor-that-lasts-forever"... 1.jpg.jpg

    FUN FACT: contactors don't work upside down, so it baffles me they work at all in PH

    And here is the box. Because of it's size and we aren't going to use it anywhere else it has been mounted to the underside of the workbench. 2.jpg.jpg

    It has a receptacle for the BE motor, a cord and plug for a combo, as well as labels for everything and safety toggle switch covers and neon indicators, to make it more professional, and this..... 3.jpg.JPG


    A STUPID BRIGHT flashing blue/red LED light such that you might find on emergency vehicles. This is solely to indicate that power to the box is switched on. Unnecessary? Perhaps, but really cool looking. It is programmable and can flash all kinds of different ways, including VERY fast.

    Check it out...

    And oh yes, it is fully functional not only testing a BE motor but starting and braking for a combo.

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    I need to get one built for my center. Using a design we had at an old center but u could actually take the box to the machine and test a motor on it to rule out machine/motor before swapping stuff out. Great box guys!
    Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


    • #3
      What?!?! No racing strikes? When does it go out for powder coat and chrome?

      Tell the B... good job,
      We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


      • #4
        It's already ridiculous enough. Don't give me any more ideas. I wanted to add a giant bell to it.


        • #5
          Now that its been mocked up and tested you can send it out for chrome plating
          Giving bowlers less to complain about, one lane at a time


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            I used a motor tester for years but I made it mobile. Metal box with all the stuff inside with a handle on it. Thick kicker bumpers that the box sat on. If I had a combo mtr that quit I could jump up on top of machine, plug into russell stoll plug and determine if problem was with the mtr or if mtr runs then you know chassis, c1 plug, capacitor etc issue. Time wise all of 10-15 seconds. I put a foul lite timer mtr in the box for a start /stop operation. Repair a combo mtr set mtr and tester on the floor and let run for an hour. (if left on your work bench it will end up on the floor from the start/stop jerking. One on/off switch for continuous run, one push button for continuous run and one on/off switch for intermittent run.


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              Also nice to put a relay/no relay switch
              Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


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                What, no " aaahoogaaa" horn?
                Manufacturers of idiot proof products often underestimate the ingenuity of idiots!


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                  Man after my own 'need to know' heart. This is the kind of thing I'd spend days developing.
                  You have to make sure you have the circuitry in there to utilize the regenerative braking. Might even have an LED indicator to flash when the reverse braking current flows - and a capacitor and resistor to keep it on for a few seconds to indicate it did work.
                  This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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                    Speaking of reversing, where is the reverse switch? Need that to make sure your sweep motor functions in both directions. You should also put on a directional arrow light stick to indicate which way the motor is supposed to be rotating.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	led-arrow-light-sy800led0.jpg
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                    If it can't be fixed with a hammer, try a bowling pin! They're heavier and more surface area for whacking!


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                      Originally posted by theultimateandy View Post
                      Speaking of reversing, where is the reverse switch? Need that to make sure your sweep motor functions in both directions. You should also put on a directional arrow light stick to indicate which way the motor is supposed to be rotating.

                      We did not feel the need for that.

                      Originally posted by mfrman View Post
                      What, no " aaahoogaaa" horn?
                      Hey it was almost a giant bell!


                      • #12
                        Now that would be awesome to have...!
                        So...if I stick my nose in a light socket, will I become enlightened?
                        -Tire Iron


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                          Nice! .. haha. .. you definitely did it right!


                          • #14
                            It looks like a detonator with all those safety switches.

                            Is the cabinet made of metal? I'm a bit wary of someone holding down a motor to stop it jumping as it starts, then turning it on with a grounded metal switch in the other hand.


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                              TJ and LED's - I love it.

                              BTW, TJ - why wouldn't the contactor work upside down? It's spring loaded internally.
                              I've had enough of hope & chains.


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