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5 Bd. Chassis Board Extender


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  • 5 Bd. Chassis Board Extender

    Does anyone know where I can get a couple of the 5 bd. chassis board extenders. AMF doesn't carry them anymore.

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    Re: 5 Bd. Chassis Board Extender

    How about making some..

    You need an old spare board that you don't mind recycling (cos it sure ain't gonna work anymore after this). Off the top of my head, I think #4 is the easiest (and probably least required as a spare - we had many).

    Remove all components from said board.

    Cut (with blade) all tracks about 1 cm above the edge connector. Remove all tracks from the board (just rip 'em off).

    Drill 1mm holes into the end of each track left connected to the edge connector.

    Remove a #6 board socket from a chassis (this of course assumes you aren't using #6 boards).

    Attach the socket to the top edge of the board (opposite its edge connector). This could be done several ways. One way is to drill some holes in the ends of it (where the existing screw holes are, but perpendicular to them) and then bolt it to the board. If you are satisfied with being hacky, then cable ties work quite well (simply looped around the ends of the socket and through holes in the board). It's more solid than you think. Or you can use a strong glue (I like that idea best). Make sure you have it the right way around - i.e. the contacts should be the same way around as the contacts on the edge connector on the other edge of the board. In other words, when you plug a board into the top of your extender board, it should be the same way around as it normally is.

    Then, solder wires between the edge connector (where you drilled the 1mm holes) and the attached socket. Obviously match up the pin numbers appropriately (otherwise you're in for some fun).

    And that's it. Hacky, but gooood.

    I'll attach photos if anyone asks for them (I'll have to take them first though ;-).



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      Re: 5 Bd. Chassis Board Extender

      Thanks. Will try and make a couple per instructions.


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