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Different motor mounting...


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  • Different motor mounting...

    Was here borrowing a spanner wrench and noticed motor mounting..
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    I would bet a turn pan jam would not knock off the motor to elevator or motor to gear box belts. Or they couldn't wire the motor in the right direction. But why not, looks like it would work


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      I'll bet they used a Frame 56 motor and a shaft bushing. They probably didn't want to adapt the mount to the motor.


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        I'll bet OSHA would freak

        Mike Wilson
        Bowl-Tech Inc.


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          They have also turned the motor pulley around to suit the orientation of the motor. Im surprised the cord reaches that far. Must have wired for reverse rotation as well.

          Original thinking if it got them out a jam but I hope it's a temporary fix.

          Every centre should have a spare motor that can be immediately bolted into place.


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            I'm going to adapt my M-GB & M-El sheaves to this. Together with the "Energy Saver" mod I should be able to reduce my power costs by over 95%.

            Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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              all 32 lanes are like this...


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                Originally posted by mr.badwrench View Post
                I'll bet they used a Frame 56 motor and a shaft bushing. They probably didn't want to adapt the mount to the motor.
                My thoughts.
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                  I've seen some of the centers in the postings that run without any guards. ?? Didn't know OSHA would allow this. They look very scary.
                  Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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                    Originally posted by shaggyshawn View Post
                    all 32 lanes are like this...
                    All 32 lanes, that's entirely different. That's just plain laziness. Surely the expense of a little bit of box steel to adapt the motor can't be an excuse?


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                      Anyone see the very large pulley used on the elevator idler arm?
                      That looks like a custom setup too.


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                        So, it was easier, cheaper to do this rather than just get the adapters? wow.........................


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                          The guy said it's been that way before he got there and someone told him to give person more room to work.


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