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A day late but, Elavator rebuild at Strike House Bowl.


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  • A day late but, Elavator rebuild at Strike House Bowl.

    I know I promised these months ago, I apologize for the tardiness. SSPX0038.jpgSSPX0037.jpgSSPX0036.jpgSSPX0035.jpgSSPX0034.jpgSSPX0033.jpgSSPX0032.jpgSSPX0031.jpgSSPX0030.jpgSSPX0029.jpgSSPX0028.jpgSSPX0027.jpgSSPX0026.jpgSSPX0025.jpgSSPX0024.jpgSSPX0023.jpgSSPX0022.jpgSSPX0021.jpg

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    Wow, looks good.


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      Great, did you mention you like red.
      I'm going fishing and camping!


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        Originally posted by PJ View Post
        Great, did you mention you like red.

        The only 2 colors of the rainbow are Red and Black. lol. Thank you both. I have to give props to my minion, Logan. He was instrumental in the process. The neighboring odd lane will be getting it as well as you can tell the prep of the jackshafts has already been done. I will post the pics of that and the pair in a couple weeks as it is scheduled for the end of the month when leagues finish up.


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          hey , did you use a spray gun? or just some cans of spray paint?


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            This round was Valspar cans from Lowe's. I plan to use enamel next time through my gun as I have an HVLP gravity feed in my box at the house with several needle sizes. And it works flawlessly. I will have to upgrade the air compressor here before long as it is on it's way out. Looks to me it was brought in the same time as the A/P's were in 63. It makes a valiant effort at keeping up with my die grinder but it just can't.


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              While I apologize for my tardiness in the release of these from Ln. 9 Elevator rebuild, you get a bonus of the broken Deck lowering hook that most recently reared it's ugly Demonic side on 13. If you look closely it appears to have been cracked for a while and I question whether it fell of the Holding hook or just let go. But she let go. The minion in the shots is Logan, Thing 1 as we call him now as his guud friend and my 2nd minion is also named Logan. Guess what his nickname is. I hope all is appreciated. Keep up the guud work my comrades. I'll be around for insight or more so, some sort of satyric anecdote. FreeK OuT!=;->=


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