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Monday Morning 4 to 1 Fun


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  • Monday Morning 4 to 1 Fun

    Nice job to start off the week.

    We took it off the machine where it had stopped - deck was lifting standing pins on 1st ball with the rake at about the 4-5-6 line (it was almost impossible to turn the wormshaft in either direction even with the gearbox clutch off the machine and trying to turn the wormshaft with an old clutch cone with an extension bar welded onto it).

    We supported the deck assembly from underneath then disconnected the deck lowering link. I then turned the 1:1 by hand to rotate the gearbox back to zero degrees and held in that position with a detector timing pin. The rest of the job was easy from there.

    Only the 2nd 4:1 I've done in nearly 25 years on Brunswick A/A2's. Last one was in 1999.

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    And the wormshaft?! Ouch...
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      Hi, James.

      Yep - it's a beauty, isn't it?

      And, the bottom of the gearbox was full of bronze pieces, of course.

      We're now going to look at getting some more of the spring loaded crank links for this lane (lane 1) and lanes 4-8 (2&3 already have them). We get a lot of rake hits - especially during work functions when people sometimes have a bit too much to drink.


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        Don't think I've ever seen a worm damaged like that... Find any "foreign" parts in the bottom of the gearbox?


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          Originally posted by Ritzmech View Post
          Don't think I've ever seen a worm damaged like that... Find any "foreign" parts in the bottom of the gearbox?
          Not as far as I could see. Just quite a bit of 'sludge' and small bronze pieces. Couldn't see anything from the broken wormshaft, I don't know if that broke off in one piece or if it gradually broke up a small piece at a time? Didn't really have time to have a good look.

          I'll have a look through the old oil (which is still in the container I drained it into) when I go in tomorrow.


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            I had the same issue last year. Surprise!!!!!


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