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cheap Bowel Pin's replacement


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  • cheap Bowel Pin's replacement

    Hello, first of thanks for all the usefull post's you people make here. I am working at a 30 lane brunswick center since the start of this year and it helped me a lot getting into all the Bowling and Brunswick stuff.
    So now after i took so many tips from you i wanted to give a small one back.

    We didn't get any new bowel pin's anymore because they cost like 3-4€ a piece, which is an insane price for such a little part. So i ordered some 3D printing filament (ABS 3mm 1kg roll) for 30€ and cut them myself. They fit perfectly and are even a bit curved (because it's on a roll) which is pretty good, because they seem to not slip out so easily. ^^

    the single on is an original, the bag is the ones i cut,. lifetime amount of roll left :D

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