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  • Flex-seal?

    I have been wondering if a light coat on some high impact areas [(pin impact) i.e. 7 shield, elevator bottom, crossover frame, the shoe off the shark] may reduce impact stress and/or noise... I know some people have used carpet for this purpose...

    Any negative thoughts before I test on lane 1 (the guinea pig lane)?

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    I would watch for it transferring to the pins. Also, might slow down the pins a little too much.
    let me be myself


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      Maybe if you spray it on the underside where the pins don't touch. Would cause less vibration and cut down on the noise too.
      Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


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        Actually, I called Billman and we discussed this. I have sprayed to opposite side of a few pieces and letting them cure for 48 hours. I will be mounting them next Monday. This way they may reduce noise and not have any issues with transfer to the pins via contact. Ill let you guys know more when I do.


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          We put Dynamat on our sharks, bottom of the elevators, and on some of the distributor frames, it helped quiet down the high pitched dings, the sound of pins hitting sharks, and pins fighting for shovels.

          Just took some pictures to add to this post. It really did help quite a bit, and we've been running with this stuff on there for over a year without any issues.



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            It has reduced the high pitch to a moderate "plink" sound... but not significantly. Thanks Lefty, I will look into this.


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              Definitely gonna give the dynamat a shot
              Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


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                Update. On the two guide rails coming off the shark, I have sprayed the area on the bottom where the two pieces meet (where the three bolt holes are) on the guide rail, not the frame. Then reinstalled, this has eliminated the need for rubber washers ( or so I hope).
                I have also added the Shark Transition Cam (plastic wedge that KEGEL makes). This has almost completely eliminated any noise while also eliminating any pin bounce as it come off the shark (awesome sauce).
                I am going to order a spare set of rails and shoes, spray the area where any two pieces bolt to the frame, and add these wedges to systematically upgrade the house.
                Once I am done with this it's onward to reducing the noise of the plastic on the sharks and then onto the elevator, thanks again Lefty. This Dynamat looks like a winner!


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