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Issue with GS-96 Brunswick


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  • Issue with GS-96 Brunswick

    We are having an issue with one of our pinsetters, the sweep and table will come down at the same time intermittently without the ball detector being triggered. It then proceeds to score it as a 0. It can do this as soon as a new set of 10 pins have been set on the deck, giving you a 0 for your first throw, or it will do it after the first throw giving you a 0 for your 2nd throw. It started off just doing it after the first throw, so you never got to have your 2nd throw of the frame, you just got a 0. It never seems to do it if you get a gutter ball, only if you knock down pins. When the sweep and table come down, the sweep stays down while the table comes up and down twice before sweeping away and resetting a new set of 10.

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    First, repost this question/problem in the GS PINSETTER section -- that is where it belongs and you will get a lot more answers and responses to help you.

    Second, machines cycling on their own or intermittently usually have something to do with the ball detects -- misaligned, shorted -- and that probably should be the first thing to rule out.

    Third, depending on the control box version with your pinsetters, sounds like there is an issue with a circuit board giving the wrong commands.


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      Thank you for the reply. I am new to this page so wasn't really sure where to post, thank you! I have swapped boards over and problem still remains on the same lane. I have found some suspicious wiring for the ball detector (seems someone just taped them together) will sort that out but seems to go straight into error 75 as soon as a game is put on so going to check the switch to see if that is faulty.


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        It sounds like your Ball Detect is out of adjustment or faulty.
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          Fix the problems one at a time....get the ball detect going properly first. If the system is getting mixed signals (no pun intended) it may be causing the other issues.


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            I highly believe that this is a result of your ball detect assembly in some way, and the reason I believe this is because of the 0 score.

            - Check that the detector housing is not broken at the screw points and that it is not loose (do this with the reflector as well)
            - Check your beam adjustment (personally I like to tighten the screws up all the way and then back them out for adjustment because I have found that they can be "too bouncy" on the inside of the housing and will trigger the machine.
            - Check the wiring for the detector.
            - Check your wiring leading from your pinsetter to the front right at the front end of the accelerator. Sometimes wires will hang down and over time balls will wear away the wire insulation and then when a ball hits the exposed wires they will touch and cause a machine cycle
            Finally, if you are sure that none of those is causing the problem grab a bowling pin and give your kickback a couple whacks close to the detector to see if you can get the red light to turn on, even slightly, at all that way.


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              Also, I forgot to mention: I don't know what version of electronics you have on GS-96s, but if you have a 5 volt potentiometer you should be checking the voltage and adjust accordingly. I've heard through the grapevine that the 5v pot has a lot to do with the ball detect.


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                100% guarantee your laser from your ball detect is out of alignment. Either too high or too Low. Majority of the time, the vertical level can be on point. But horizontally, the laser can be all the way forward on the edge of the reflector.


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                  Re-alligned ball detector and still had the same issue. Turns out it was a table motor break issue! Replaced the motor and works fine! Turns out the sweep was lowering because the table was lowering due to the motor break.


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                    Originally posted by selbysuperbowl View Post
                    Re-alligned ball detector and still had the same issue. Turns out it was a table motor break issue! Replaced the motor and works fine! Turns out the sweep was lowering because the table was lowering due to the motor break.
                    Good deal.


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