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Circuit breakers on consolidated I/O board


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  • Circuit breakers on consolidated I/O board

    As I mentioned before, I was having some issues with a few machines tripping the circuit breakers on the I/O boards on the GS-96 machines where I help out.
    I brought in my clamp on meter which can read down to a minimum current flow of 20 mA.

    I clamped on to the DC supply for the spotting tong solenoid and then I clamped on to the DC supply for pinholders 1-2-3.

    This video shows the current draw when the black spotting tong solenoid is energized.

    Bobbie Bees

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    This video shows when the solenoids for the 1-2-3 pinholders are energized.

    Bobbie Bees


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      Seeing as that neither load was drawing more than the rated 3.25 amps the breaker is rated to carry without tripping, I decided to swap a breaker from a damaged I/O board that can't be exchanged.
      As the old breaker would trip after about 30 minutes of running on diagnostics I thought that I'd see pretty quick if it was the breaker or if it was something else.
      Took about ten minutes to de-solder the old breaker and swap it with the donor breaker.
      The machine ran for over an hour without any problem.
      So far so good.
      So, I opened up the old breaker out of curiosity to see what was wrong.

      It was pretty self evident what was wrong.
      These breakers are dead simple.
      Just a simple bi-metalic strip and the contacts form the latch.
      Flow too much current through the bi-metalic strip and it bends and unlatches thus opening the circuit.
      But as you can see from the attached picture, the contacts which form the latch, are barely hanging on.
      Put a little current through the bi-metalic strip and raise the ambient temperature a little, and add in some vibration and shaking from the machine, and that was probably more than enough to shake the contacts enough that they'd unlatch on their own.

      There are a few other machines that have phantom trips. Probably the same issue.

      I have checked Littlefuse's website and I don't think they make these circuit breakers any longer.

      So, I'm wondering if any of you have found a replacement for these breakers.
      Bobbie Bees


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        I honestly haven't checked for replacements. As of now I'm swiping them from bad boards myself. Someone has to sell the things somewhere. I would check mouser or digikey. I happened to find one on a bad Consolidated CPU PCB that was rated the same. These relays do burn out more than you think, but they can also be tripped by a couple of frayed wires in the harness that make a connection when current goes through them.


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