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  • Accelerator Belt

    Went to swap an Accelerator Belt Monday and the flat green belt seemed way to long. Compared it to the original and they were not the same. Called up my distributor and asked for belt measurement, he did not know. Called up Brunswick and I was told 116.9". Measured my new belts and they were roughly 132". Quickly got them swapped out from my distributor, called up Steve McCaffrey (spelling? sorry) from Brunswick and let him know. He had said they have had an issue with pulling/labeling in warehouse. These 2 belts were date stamped April 28 2016.

    This is just a quick FYI for everyone. Please be sure to check your GS accelerator flat green belts. They are to measure 116.9".

    Hope this helps. I don't want anyone to be in a pickle.

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    Thanks for heads up.


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