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Distributor Repair Kit


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  • Distributor Repair Kit

    Has anyone installed a dist. repair kit ? Wanted to know if its a fix to the problem or just a brunswick brand Band-Aid.
    "Don't expect too much and you'll never be let down..."

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    Aint used one (yet) but part no is:


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      Errrr, not really sure how that repair kit will fix the problem in the first pic. Does not look to me like a beef up frame that fits in that location....??


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        i would be dropping the rear shaft out and then welding it if you have a mig or tig welder much better if not then the old stick on low watts as its only thin metal
        im never wrong just askme


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          Originally posted by justaskme View Post
          i would be dropping the rear shaft out and then welding it if you have a mig or tig welder much better if not then the old stick on low watts as its only thin metal
          I appreciate the suggestion...but welding inside a machine is #2 in the top 10 things not to do in a pinsetter...
          "Don't expect too much and you'll never be let down..."


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            The distributor itself will come out of the machine.
            six bolts hold it on in the front and two bolts hold it on in the rear.
            Bobbie Bees


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              Im not sure how the dist. will unbolt and come Bobbie Bees? Without dropping table out?
              I have to remove 6 GSX in a couple of weeks to make room for game room and I built a wood "cart" on wheels 24" and after removing table Im going to roll cart under dist. and use 4 jack stands that will raise up and catch the 7/10 pin metal rails, while I unbolt dist. then roll it out the front.
              I see how the repair kit will work you drill and bolt on support brackets.
              I have welded similar brake but mine was on the side bracket.
              I used 3/32 7010 rod with ac welder. Lay a wet bath towel under where your welding. Also i mist water on anything that may be hit by sparks.Have a fire watch and weld it in place.
              if you are not proficient in welding make short spot welds or "stitch" welds, letting metal cool and not burn through. practice on scrape to get the heat you feel comfortable with.
              Quick and easy.
              Later Chief


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                These are fine. After I found 2 cracks, put these on all 24 machines about 15 years ago, no more problems.


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                  8230chief, yeah, the table would have to come off. The elevator would have to be removed as well. There's six bolts at the front of the machine and two bolts at the rear of the machine.
                  The distributor drive belts and the bracket holding up the sweep release link will all have to be undone.
                  Once the six bolts in front are undone, there are two hangars that will hold the front of the distributor in place.
                  The brackets holding the rear of the distributor in place will hold the distributor up while the bolts are out.
                  Removing the distributor is not a single person job. Four people will be required for a comfortable operation.
                  Bobbie Bees


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                    Thanks I will post in a week or so how it goes. Wednesday I have to clear out bar and make operational our mini bar, also set up mini kitchen. move equipment out and the demo begins.
                    Then I start to remove 6 lanes and equipment.
                    It's not a job it's an adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    PS i will let you know how my jack stand setup works.


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                      Oh Thanks Cyclonus I will order them for future repairs. did not know they were available . they would be easy to install, and I only weld in a machine when it is the best option.
                      Keep on posting
                      Thanks Chief


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               an update...I contacted brunswick tech to explain the problems in the repairs design. Needed another bolt on the outside of the frame, and the outer ear of the bracket was too wide, so the shaft was hitting it. After a few mods, it went together nicely. I told brunswick tech about what and how I accomplished it, and found out that it was designed using a distributor sitting on a bench. They never actually installed 1 on a working machine.
                        According to them, they are scrapping the existing kits in the field and re-designing everything.
                        "Don't expect too much and you'll never be let down..."


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                          We've been installing them as we need them for the past couple years with no problems. Haven't had any break yet.


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