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  • 75 error code

    I keep getting a 75 error code every now and then but it is happening more and more I changed out the g switch and it seemed to help for about 2 or 3 days and now its back to doing it at least 2 to 3 times during league

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    When you get the error code has the sweep dropped or is it still up? You might have a cable with a pinch in it going from the sweep release solenoid to the main box. also check the connections going to the G switch.
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      Its doing it when the sweep is up and the machine is in A position. Seem to Do it at the end and the beginning of cycle


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        Had this problem a couple weeks ago. I checked the switch, solenoid, made sure the CAM was timed write and still nothing. I ended up switching the I/O boards and nothing. It turns out it was the CPU board. Give that a try. Swap it with another pair of working lanes and see what happens.


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          I Will do that I changed the I /o board but it still done it again but I will try the cpu. Thx


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            if all else fails of what has been said which are all problems that can cause a 75 another problem that it could be is that the spotting tong switch and because the sweep has to drop and cant gives you a 75 so best way to find out is to manually fire the sweep solenoid and see what the machine does if it doesnt pick up pins or it gives you a 76 code you know its something to do with the switch or clutch
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              Check condition of the plug and and cable as it can chaff and ware on the side of the pinsetter


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                I had a sweep issue 2 weeks ago. The sweep release wasn't resetting after the drop. The arm can't lift the sweep if the latch isn't locked. The bearing on the rear of the latch was seized up.
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                  This is the switch that's probably causing your error code. It's to verify the sweep is in down position, Also check your front sweep wheels, the shock, the pivot of the arm, etc... Anything that would prevent the arm from hitting the switch.
                  "Don't expect too much and you'll never be let down..."


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