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  • Ball Detects...

    Just curious...How often do you guys adjust your ball detects WHEN NEEDED? Or how often do you change one out WHEN NEEDED? Just want to compare to other centers.

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    For the only case i had if it needs adjustment it's broken somehow. Normaly they work without the need of maintenance.


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      Anytime I am under the machine I'll make sure they aren't falling apart and make sure the reflectors are secure. Just a quick touch and look thing.


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        I only ask because the sweeper will keep recycling when its not aligned. Do you ever get calls on that??


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          I basically did what loadtoad does. I did clean the reflectors a couple of times a year. Any time I did have a problem with one, I made sure that the beam was centered on the reflector. This gives you a lot of area to hit with the beam in case the ball detector does move a little. I made a little cover for the reflector that had a a 1 inch hole in it. I then used a spare reflector to determine what direction to adjust the beam, I would adjust it so the beam was hitting the hole in the cover. remove the cover and I knew the beam was centered.
          let me be myself


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            Originally posted by Eric Regalado View Post
            I only ask because the sweeper will keep recycling when its not aligned. Do you ever get calls on that??
            Sort of yes. That is usually the first sign they aren't aligned. I had an end one that was 'calibrated' to a metal kick plate on the side wall. Walk past it while on and machine would cycle....not really sure how it got so far off. Anyhow, you can also stand on one end of the house and look across the catwalk area and see if any beams are flickering -- which would mean they are almost calibrated, but almost not and this can cause random ghost cycles as well when other machines are on and vibrating.


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              I adjust as per manual. If beam is centered you should be able to cover half the reflector at a time from above/below/left/right before the ball detect is triggered.

              For example if you start to cover the top half of the reflector (I use a credit card) and the beam is triggered way before you've covered half the reflector then you know you need to adjust the beam lower.

              Repeat for bottom, left and right halves until you can nearly cover half the reflector before beam is triggered.




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