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  • 2 Pin Mystery

    Ok, so during league yesterday I had a pair of lanes having the same issue at the same time. On 23/24 all of a sudden both machines didn't want to pick up the "2 pin". I ran both machines and the tongs were opening and closing like they should be. The dampers in both set of tongs didn't need any adjustment. All I did was change out the dampers in both set of tongs anyways, to the larger black ones. Then the issue was gone, picking up both pins. Just curious, is there anything else I could've checked or can anyone tell me how this happens?

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    If the pins were slipping through the tongs, coulda been some grease/oil dropping onto them. If they wouldn't physically close on the pin heads, then maybe some gunk on the table that hindered the gear/rack moving properly. I would also make sure the main drive gear on the table for is not too loose/tight.
    That both lanes at the same time did it is most likely just a coincidence.


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