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  • I'm Stumped, Need Help...?

    I've tried EVERYTHING I know to do guys. The shark switch isn't working and the 10 pin, pin holder isn't working but everything else IS working. For the 10 pin holder, I've changed it out with a new one. I put a brand new wiring harness on both top and bottom. I even tried switching a pin holder on another machine I knew worked with this one just to check to see if the part was good and not faulty and nothing worked. As for the shark, I put a brand new shark assembly on it cylinoid and everything. I put a new pin count switch on it as well and wiring harness that runs to pin count switch and everything on the left hand side. Nothing worked. I then went on to change the I/O and motherboard out and that was a no go. They have shipped bad boards to us before though. Does anyone have any fresh ideas or have had this problem before by chance? Im baffled. Any suggestions would be a huge help thanks!

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    Sounds like you have an issue with your f5/f6 circuit. I had this issues once, & it was the ball door silonoid wire shorting everytime the sweep dropped. Check fuse/inspect the 10/ Shark/ball door areas/unplug-replug & troubleshoot.

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      I agree, I would those fuses f5 & f6


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        Sounds like a blown fuse or even check your table cable.


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          if you are running 98s then its the cpu board and my guess it will be CB5
          im never wrong just askme


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            not cpu i/o board my mistake
            im never wrong just askme


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              If the boards are working and all LED's are lit, it could be the transformer. Left for the odd lane, right for the even lane.
              Quickest way to check this is turn the power off, swap the molex connectors over and turn back on. Problem should move to the other lane.


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                Sounds like a transformer fault. You can swap the plugs over and see if problem moves. If it is a transformer there is a really good guide on here on how to fix them.


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