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GSX pinsetter, table will shake/struggle


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  • GSX pinsetter, table will shake/struggle

    Got lane 7 which wants to struggle, it only ever rears it ugly head every so often when it blacks out at the down position of the long stroke cycle. The lane will black out for whatever various reason and then upon clearing the error and cycling the machine the table shakes and will struggle to go back to home position. Sometimes not returning to the home position at all and throwing a 70 error code.

    I've looked around and seen nothing similar to what i'm running into here so i'm posting a thread with hopes of some help. A run down of what has been checked:
    first thought was table height issues and levelness issues- all issues there addressed
    roller tubes are not scarred, or anything wrong that i can see
    tube guides are not worn or allowing any free play of the tubes inside them
    have checked all of the shaft keys on the chain sprockets, and the key on the crank arm none of which are worn or wollered out.
    and have just replaced the table motor and table motor belt against better judgement but thought what the hell

    now i have checked the guide tube chain tensions and the 7 pin side chain is extremely loose(lots of free play) while 10 pin side is extremely tight.(and is what i am assuming is the possible cause of my problems but wanted a second opinion since i can't seem to find anything on the chain tension) now i have checked the levelness of the shaft running from guide to to guide tube and it is spot on the money. i have also counted links and the linkage is correct as well.

    so with all that said, any ideas and any information on the guide tubes chain tensions would be welcomed.

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    its not the clevis bearing or pinion gears broken (plastic ones )
    im never wrong just askme


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      justaskme- havent given them a thorough inspection i'll go take a look at them in just a few moments.

      also something i forgot to add into this, if i raise the table manually to the home position and then cycle the machine, the machine will run without any problems it only happens if the machine gets stopped in the long stroke down position, picking all 10 pins up in diag doesn't cause any shaking or hesitation so i'm pretty sure any weight related issues are ruled out of the equation but i wouldn't be here if i had the answer so what do i know lol


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        How about motor, belt and pulley situation? Weak power or worn belt causing issues because of not having enough grip or inertia. If it seems smooth and normal during normal operation and has the problem because of having to start mid stroke, something to look at.


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          Check your table for level front to back and left to right. It may be you need to adjust the 4 studs. I have had what you discribe and it was coused by the tubes binding on the full stroke.
          Later Chief


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            I agree with loadtoad and 8230Chief
            IT'S CARNIVAL TIME!!!


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              Hey guys, so while checking the chain's and table height the washers took me for a fool on the pivot bearing, the hole for the crank is twice the size of what it normally should have been. got the bearing swapped out and will monitor the next few days and will update if the problem is indeed gone. if not i'll take a look at the tubes again and start from the beginning now that that rather crucial part is fixed.


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                good to here tylerm2011 hope your fixed the problem
                im never wrong just askme


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                  Okay so here we are 10 days later and the problem has popped up a couple of times, the new pivot bearing hasn't even made it slightly better. So i guess that brings it back to levelness which i'll check later this evening, and the possibility of a bent tube?.?.?. If anyone has any other thoughts would appreciate them, won't be into the table til tuesday. Also the motor and belt are both brand new loadtoad, have also tried a motor and belt from another lane not experiencing any problems and still the same problem.


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                    Check the 77 link roller chain that moves the table. We had a broken link in one and it was randomly jumping. Even if a link isn't broken, a loose chain will do the same thing.


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