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Random appearance of Error 50-59 in Diag mode


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  • Random appearance of Error 50-59 in Diag mode

    Hi guys I have strange issue during gameplay, and in diag mode it's signed by Error 50-59. One of my GSX sometimes doesn't set up new set of pins. I was looking for solutions for this issue.
    ABC Switch are ok, solenoid looks ok. where can i look for solutions? Cable, electronics on mainboard? What i could see, sometimes solenoid can't back.

    Any help?


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    Check the pin detector plate for proper positioning. Is it level from left to right.
    Check the Stroke Limiter height adjustment.
    Check the setting table levelness.
    Check the angle "1" and "2" adjustment.(Pinsetter Timing)
    Check stroke limiter shock.
    let me be myself


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      code 50 and 59 are the 9 and 10 pins not detected in diagnostics i would be checking the pin detector plate adjusting bolts first just to make sure they contact switch on standing pins and then from there check the pinholder switches
      im never wrong just askme


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        Also make sure the black clip that holds the white switch down inside the pinholder is secure all the way down and not loose. A loose switch can be giving non detected readings


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