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GSX J1 after pins set


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  • GSX J1 after pins set

    GSX machines, have issue where there is a restriction when the table is returning home and the shaft assemblies are turning for pin holders to go horizontal. Intermittent also--can go 5-20 cycles without a reoccurance.
    The pin holders are smooth when going vertical to set the pins. I did find a small wedge loose, removed and replaced it. The problem went away for one day.
    THis is day two of our PBA regional and camping out behind lane 10--resetting started acting up right away. The machines are 8 years old and this is the first time I have had a problem like this.

    I did inspect tongs and they are opening all the way. After the issue, I have to re time the tongs for it jumps out by two gears. I need advice.
    Thank you

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    If the restriction for movement is on the way up, usually that points to the roller pivot and plunger foot area attached to the 7pin aft post. The part that pushes up the plunger to activate the switch can bind or the roller assembly arm is loose/broken/cracked.
    I would also check the table tubes and chains/gears to make sure there aren't issues with those areas.

    Also, this probably should be moved to the GSX maint area for more responses.


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      Got it moved to the proper forum. Thanks for the note

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    I had a similar issue on a couple different lanes. It ended up being the detection plate getting caught in the hole on the frame of the table. there is a tab on the plate that I trimmed down to clear it. What I've noticed was the back row ( 7,8,9,10) has a natural lip on the back side of the hole. It just so happened to curl up more over time, causing it to catch the plate's tab.


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      Its also possible that your 4,5,6 paddles can be binding with the tongs. For giggles check your 7 pin tongs and see if they're binding with the pivot lever on the left corner.


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        Like Eric said would try checking the paddles, I've had this issue happen multiple times and you'd be surprised at how small a thing can cause those to bind. I recommend just doing a quick tap on all the paddles to make sure they're still moving freely from various heights


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