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GS 98 setting table setup procedures


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  • GS 98 setting table setup procedures

    Hi guys,

    I am helping out a local bowl that has been neglected for many years, we are trying to get the pinsetters running nice. The pinsetters are setting pins but nearly every lane has the pins off spot by about 1/2" diagonally towards the 7 pin corner. I have looked for manuals at the centre but they are nonexistent or for later model of machines. I have also looked online and can only seem to find GSX settings. Being an "AMF GUY" there must be a correct order to set things as on the amf machines. Does anyone have the correct setup manual to share or give me the proper setup procedure for the table on spotting and respot. The machine is the gs 98 with consolidated control.

    Many thanks


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    if you have to move them left or right just undo the bolts holding it a little moved to where to need it then tighten back down.
    if you have to move them forward or back that you have to adjust the swing arms on the side( if the exact same as the gsx i havent worked on 98 but they are pretty similar)


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      You can adjust the stop collars on the swing shafts and move the shafts side to side. While you're at it, check the welds on the swing shaft supports. I had one break slightly just recently which made the head pin holder rotate backwards about 15 degrees.


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        Sounds like the pinsetter frame on the side the pins are going toward will need to be moved. Have fun. It's really just a few bolts, a sledge hammer, and a block of wood to prevent damage. Just not very much swing room.
        It could also be worn table tube guide rollers, or bent table tubes.
        There is also a little bit of play in the holes where the table is bolted to the the "L" on the table tubes that you can kind of angle the table. Might give you a 1/4 " forward/backward if you're lucky.
        I don't think there's really anything in the manuals about this though. Other than just pin spots adjustments.


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