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  • 03 error

    We've been having this issue with one of our lanes for a while now where a pin will load into the 3 holder if there is a pin waiting in the station, but if a pin gets there too late it will not load and will result in a "03" error. This seems to be because the pin holders flaps will properly hit the release lever on the way up but once it reaches a certain height the release lever will slip off and be a couple millimeters out of the flaps' range.

    Some of the things I've tried:
    • adjusted the station, if I move it any closer to the front it will start causing double drops and the release lever will still slip
    • checked table height and levelness, both seem fine
    • changed pin holder
    • changed pin station
    • adjusted horizontal stopping bolt to make the top of the pin holder not go as high, this didn't work but also this adjusts all rows which isn't necessary because we only have issues with the 3 pin
    • adjusted link assy for the same reason, this seems to have no effect on its angle once the table is at home position

    All ideas are welcome, this issue has stumped us for over a year now. We've gotten by with just overloading the lane with pins so that that station is loaded as often as possible but we still run into this issue with fast bowlers(which unfortunately means it happens more with leagues and tournaments) and on startup.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, if any more info is needed I will provide it. (P.S. this is my first topic on this forum, new user, I tried to explain as well as possible)

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    The release levers are also adjustable (up and down). I would start checking anything on that side of the table. (slight bend in the square shaft, connecting lever wedges ect.)
    let me be myself


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      Had this problem many times actually. It turned out every time it was the (pivot bearing) broken. Check that


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        Originally posted by Eric Regalado View Post
        Had this problem many times actually. It turned out every time it was the (pivot bearing) broken. Check that
        which pivot bearing are you referring to?


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          The Crank Arm


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            is your cluster cam adjusted properly also you can move the pin station forward or rearward the release lever isnt wobley from side to side if none of these you can buy the extra wide release levers
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