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  • J1 error code

    Had one of our tables out the other day for maintenance. Did the normal routine. Removed pinholders, and spotting tongs cleaned machine and reinstalled fresh pinholders and spotting tongs. While the machine was out I installed a wedge for one of the swing shafts. The latch assembly near pin 7 was somewhat loose and missing a bolt which I put a new one in. Once machine was back in I ran it in diagnostics to ensure everything was operating correctly. Last night my co worker mentioned that the machine had shut down several ( about 10 ) times. I probably ran the machine in diagnostics for about 30 minutes with no issues. Could not duplicate the problem in diag. so I bowled a few games. In those few games the machine will shut down every few frames only when setting new pins. The machine comes down sets the full rack of pins then on the return back to home the pinolders got from vertical to horizontal and the machine shuts down with a J1.
    I had a co worker bowl on the lane while I watched in back to see if I could locate the issue. From what I saw the machine sets the pins and on its way back to to home position it contacts the roller jams and throws the J1. I will be taking out the machine in the morning to inspect and pin point the issue. Any thoughts or ideas as toi why the machine might be acting up?

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    does the table make it back to home before it blacks out? or in other words did the holders go completely horizontal? also did you happen to notice if the issue happened after certain pins were hit?(short cycle, strike cycle, etc.)


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      I'd look at the jam switches and slide plate back there behind the 7pin. Slide bar could be binding or switches a bit too close to the slide jobby.
      Also, reverify you got the wedge in securely and manually pivot the swing shafts to make sure all is well there.


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        I have ran the machine in diag and have not been able to duplicate the problem. When bowling it seems to only happen after first ball - standing pins. Today I had people bowl on it and watch in the back to catch it in the act. I noticed that when it does give a J1 error code that the pins are already set and that the pinholders have returned to the horizontal position when it shuts down. I was able to catch it jamming up and it looks like when the roller contacts the jam assembly its able to move the swing shafts to the horizontal position, but also gets stuck at that point for a brief second then shuts down.


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          Then either it is the slide bar needs to be looked at for binding or the roller assy that was recently installed is not quite right. If you haven't already, manually rotate the swing shaft and release mechanism so you can do a double check of hardware positioning back there.


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            I have inspected the slide bar manually to ensure no binding. Roller assembly was not recently installed. I did replace a missing swing shaft wedge on the second swing shaft when I had the table out for maintenance. Maybe I knocked something out of place when tapping new wedge in? Very lost at this point. Have had the table out twice. No noticeable parts broken, and swing shafts operate smoothly when moved manually. Is there specs as to where the swing shafts should be?


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              Ran machine in diagnostics today and noticed that the spotting tongs are not re opening all the way after picking them up, and setting them back down.


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                I took some photos and a couple videos of what I think is causing the J1

                The two photos are taken after the tongs have reopened in diagnostics

                Two different videos one showing the spotting tongs not re opening all the way and the other is from the lane next to it opening all the way -

                This last video is after the first ball -


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                  The tongs are out of time. I'd pull the worst offending one out and see if the rest of them open to the proper distance. If all or most are only partially open, then you'll have to re-time the whole set. A-Ron posted a real good process to re-time the set. Do an advanced search for spotting tong timing and you'll find it.


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                    Yes, one or more of the tongs are not put in correctly. When tongs are fully open, you should have approx 5 teeth showing on the 7 side of tooth racks. Your pin detect plates are catching on either the #1 or the #4,5,6 tongs when trying to go back to horizontal position.


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