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GSX Error code 54


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  • GSX Error code 54

    Let me run this buy you guys. Got a lane that all of a sudden out of the blue won't set 4 pin. No solenoid action from the #4 pin holder. Won't open when it's empty to receive pin from station and if I manually place a pin in the #4 pin holder, it wont open when setting new pins. Pin stays in pin holder. I've replaced the original pin holder in it to no avail. I've seen this before a couple of months ago when, on another lane, the I/O board burned up on that lane after a leaky roof dripped on the Nexgen box so I went that route and swapped the I/O and even the CPU with known good assys. Don't want to pull out the parts cannon and be throwing parts at it but I'm looking at now going through the table harness and look for bad/open wires. Am I missing anything else ?

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    Sounds like a broken wire in the table harness. Probably the table to NexGen box.
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      Holders don't open until pins are picked up after first ball and the table goes back up. If GSX is anything similar to the 98s, 54 is a call from diagnostics meaning pin is not being detected or the time out is from a bad holder. I'll trust what you said about the arms not opening.

      Check to see if the holder's solenoid tension spring is bad or if it even exists anymore first and then check the continuity of the pin holder's molex connector to table harness second. If those are alright, pull the holder out and check the solenoid parts, as in, clean contact plate inside solenoid, check for worn interior, clean contact shaft... Then check the continuity of the switches, broken wires, good switch buttons, etc.


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        i will be going with billman here best way to check is using a muliti meter on ohms and check continuity of the 4 pin wires
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          54 in diag just confirms there's no pin on the deck when there should be.

          First question is: When there is NO pin in the holder, are you getting a time out? If you are, then the micro is getting signal through, so it's just the solenoid circuit that's a problem.

          Some ideas to check:
          1. Check the O-Ring on the plunger. This is a common issue that effects both loading and setting.

          2. Check the molex connector on the table harness side of the cup. As you have changed cups and the problem remained, it could be the table side that has a damaged pin or loose wire.

          3. Depending on how old your machines are, there was a stage where Brunswick removed a section of the grey outer sheath on the nexgen-table cable inside the flex tube. Unplug the cable from the table, remove the short conduit cover on top of the machine and slide the tubing back to see if your cable is the exposed colored wires. Give the White-Yellow one a little pull about 2 inches from where the grey sheath is cut. If it breaks, rejoin/solder/heat shrink. If this one is broken, chances are there will be others in the outer core damaged, so test each. This break is more commonly the reason for not setting, usually doesn't cause not loading, although could do if in combination with a worn switch lever on the cup.

          4. Check the connection at the nexgen box. Have seen techs knock the solenoid plug and break the wire out of the molex in this area. Again, it's the White-Yellow for the 4 pin.


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            To clarify what I had posted, I was just the solenoid not working. If I had the Nexgen in ten pin mode and allowed the table to completely fill, it would time out because the 4 pin would not load. If I manually placed a pin in the 4 pin holder, it wouldn't time out, it would set everything but the 4 pin. The 4 pin would just stay in the pin holder. I started with the table to Nexgen cable and checked the 4 pin solenoid wire (whi/yel), it was open. I didn't see any visible damage to the cable so I just changed it with a new cable which cured the issue.


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              Can be the harness, broken wire in the table cable or maybe even a blown fuse on the CPU


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