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GSX Pin Holder Finger Install


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  • GSX Pin Holder Finger Install

    Is there a secret to getting the finger out of the pin holder without cutting off the pivot point?
    In messing with a holder and wanting to figure things out, even with pushing in on the little tab that looks like it holds the finger in place, the shaft was too long to pop it out. Am I missing some other little trick here?
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    I just push in the retaining tab gently with a small flat screwdriver. Then slide the finger slightly to the side and lift up the side that came out of the retaining tab.
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      I do recall I had one that I had to pop out the white dampener.
      let me be myself


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        hmm, okay. Just seems that these ones just don't have enough room. I'll pry harder.


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          There's a locking tab on the spring side that holds it in...
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            Yeah, I had asked this question with the first one I was messing with because I wasn't putting enough arse into the tab -- afraid of breaking it I guess. Anyway, with the second I just didn't worry about breaking the tab and was able to get the finger passed the tab and pop it out.
            Gentle isn't always efficient evidently.


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              I just use a round or right angle pick to scoop it out from the tab side and it should come straight out


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