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Continuous shutdown machine pinsetter GS


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  • Continuous shutdown machine pinsetter GS

    While in manager control mode, the machine keeps shutting down. does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Any codes being kicked? What model GS?


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      Thanks for the reply! No codes. It just turns off. Light and activity dies.
      its a 7 series.


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        If the machine isn't moving and it just shuts down when power applied, first thing to check is make sure there isn't a physical jam preventing the distributor/elevator from rotating.
        Then try to run it from the control box on that lane pair and see what kind of response it is giving you.


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          Forgot to mention that in bypass it does work. Does this change the problem that much?


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            Hmm. Hadn't run into this, but I'd check all the cable connections and circuit board plugs at the control box. This might be a loose, wire or connector.


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