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  • GSX POO Switch Mod

    Just a quick question for all you who have worked on GSX machines, have any of you thought about, or have, modded your machines POO switch from the micro switch to using a magnetic reed switch? i never really liked the concept of how Brunswick placed their offspot switch, and the actual mechanics behind it too. I would have thought using something non-contact would be more efficient. Curious about all of your thoughts...

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    Have not thought having the current setup as being an issue. Cannot really see an advantage to substituting a pass by type sensor. That said, if the OEM setup had a pass by sensor and I hadn't run across major problems (neglect aside), I'd not look to change it either.
    My view.


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      Seems to me those reed switches would have to be close to work, & would break every time they got accidentally hit. I'm with you on it looking wacky, but I've only had a handful of issues with them & they were quick & easy to remedy.


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