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GSX Double loading


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  • GSX Double loading

    Having an issue with pinsetter double loading. I believe its either the 1 pin or the 3 pin as well as either the 2 pin or 4 pin. Pins can be found on the setting table in the front near the main geared rack. The other pin can be found sitting upright near the large spring on the setting table. I have inspected all the pin holders that I believe are at fault. I changed out the distributor stations that had damaged metal tabs. I changed out pin holders with rebuilt ones. Still have pins ending up on setting table. Maybe NEXGEN boads? Kinda stumped at this point.

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    Pins could be "fishtailing" while on the distributor belts and falling into the pin stations. A go-pro type video camera is really helpful to find these types of problems.
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      I have found that double loading to be a mechanical action versus electrical. Watching the table with pins in holders and without will help provide clues.

      The pin holder frame will come in contact with release levers and pop them sometimes -- look at the gaps between the release lever feet and the square frame of the holder
      The belly of a pin in a holder pushes too much on the bow flap -- this would be a table height or level issue normally; secondary is the holder is off spot laterally
      The green belts are binding the release levers
      4pin area in particular could be the bow extender is not positioned properly or missing


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        Found the table height to be out of spec. Adjusted and seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the input gents.


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          For bow extenders do you prefer PVC? Thinking about switching. We currently just have some stiff rubber tubing.


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            The ruber tubing will bend, tear, break or even fall off the bow quite often. I have PVC as my extenders and they work pretty well. It also gets rid of the double loading problem in all stations as well. The PVC helps the pin rest pretty level. The rubber ones will allow the pins to bounce as it ends up in the pin station or even be resting at an angle. Preferably use 4-5 inches on each bow.


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              I've been using PVC as well. If you're having a problem with double loads that aren't coming from the electrical or physical components of the pin holder, check that the tabs that are part of the distr. frame which keep the pins in place are't bent.


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