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Preventive maintenance?


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  • Preventive maintenance?

    In the gs manual preventive maintenance section they have the daily, weekly etc. Portion. But right before that they have the list of sub assembly preventive maintenance. How often does everyone do those?

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    The list of sub assembly preventive maintenance is there to give a narrative or description and general idea of what to look at the second section dictates the interval or timing of the inspection.
    In general, the frequency of the inspections can be adjusted to fit the amount of use/abuse your pinsetters get. This also applies to the section that 'details' the inspection steps. All this is there to make sure things get looked at and it is up to the mechanic to divide the tasks up over the number of pinsetters and amount of time available.


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      In my experience, the lubrication is a bit heavy handed. I've moved most of my monthly lubrication to a quarterly cycle. I keep the table pivot bearing and chains monthly. But the rest is quarterly. As for the other PMs (semi and annual) I'm with Loadtoad in that it should be adjusted for your usage or you'll be spending a lot of time cleaning up grease and oil. This is especially true with the table. Too much oil put in the pivot points of the stations or holder grippers will drip down and decrease the friction on your spotting tong dampers. This can be handled and kept to a calendar schedule with good cleaning, but frame-based schedules save a lot of time.

      As a rule of thumb, I've converted 1 year to 100,000 frames. This way lubricating the pin holders, pin stations, swing arm pivots and TS1 areas every 50,000 frames seems to do wonders. If you can, I also recommend pulling a table once a year and going through all the pin holders and spotting tongs to check for wear. Pivot points (spotting tongs) and the switch levers tend to wear out around the 1 year/100,000 frame mark (The #7 and #10 holders wear out much faster because of coast past A). Catching these early will significantly decrease your J-calls and resets. Sharks and elevators are also good to pull apart every 6 months - 1 year to check for wear.

      We've also moved all our cleaning/inspections to a monthly schedule. This will greatly help you catch issues quickly. Since we've moved to a frame based system, lightened up the oil and pulled assemblies for inspection we've had our average FPS rise from 2800 to 4600. So use the Brunswick guide at first as a guide, but make changes based on your usage.


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        Just to look at this from another angle. How much of an effect does your staffing (numbers/experience) have on what maintenance you can realistically achieve?

        With the levels we have I'd be happy if all our pinsetters (32) were greased/oiled/cleaned once a year along with ball lifts and ball track serviced and cleaned.

        I have no one else in my team with more than a years experience and staff numbers too low to have any shifts with two techs on to do any further training than what they have already had apart from an hour or so handover on some shifts which usually consists of them explaining a problem too me and me saying rather generally how to solve it but don't always have the time to fix there and then depending on what the problem is.

        We only have two full timers, which is including myself, and two part timers, one of which only works weekends. Just getting the above done can be a struggle so I couldn't imagine being able to pull all the table, elevators and sharks once a year.

        Being able to get hold of the lanes can be an issue too. Busy in the evenings, school hols, leagues, unannounced school inset days off, other problems to sort first.


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          Thanks for the info guys, we are somewhat short staffes, but we'll figure something out


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