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  • Blackout 76

    So we have an issue with a lane, the ball goes thru the beam and the gate doesn’t drop and it doesn’t score on the league. The lane blacks out with the error code of 76. Shut the lane off and turn it back on, it swipes the pin and grinds the spotting tong gears. Why does it do this? Any ways to fix this action?

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    Code 76 means that the machine is looking for the spotting tong switch but it is not being actuated. Check everything that involves the spotting tongs including the switch.
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      Do a search in this forum for grinding tong gears and 76 codes....there are numerous threads that deal with your issue. Solenoid, gears not meshed properly, switches out of adjustment, gaskets, etc.....


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        The main gear for the spotting tongs would be causing kickback or grinding. Look for broken teeth. On the same gear there's a smaller gear underneath it, which can also be missing teeth. It would help to take it off and place a rubber washer underneath to prevent the grinding.


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