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Sweep Going to Far Back


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  • Sweep Going to Far Back

    I have a sweep on a GSX thats going to far back and hitting the 7 pin side frame near tube guides. This only started to happen after motor was replaced. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Might be a bad brake inside the motor. Move the motor to another lane and see if the problem follows the motor.
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      I would think there is something wrong with a linkage if the sweep is hitting something at the back end. Bad or missing bushings or cracked link....use the MOTOR mode on the control box to move the sweep back and forth so you can stop it on command to see what it's doing at several points and wiggle the arms and such.


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        So I swapped the motor with know working lane and problem did not travel. Still somewhat making contact with frame, but not as much. Still looking for other possibilities. Now thinking sweep frame might have a slight bend in it.


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          What was wrong with the old motor ? Have a look and compare the sweep hight from the foul line if it's lower than the others likely the drive gear linkage is broken and will need repair or be replaced . 15637636741001466666075.jpg


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            After a few months and 3 more motors to replace. I found out that it was installer error. Now its wired correctly. The issue was it was wired backwards.


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              easily done my friend,done the same thing with one of mine
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