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5 Pin holder flaps


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  • 5 Pin holder flaps

    Helping another center with there GS machines.. Lane 5 Does the following.. Goes to set pins on spot and brings back up the 5 Pin which creates table jam next full set of pins. Flap seems not to energize open on spot position releasing on spot five pin.. I switched cup holder assembly with newer working solonoid and switch.. Looked at block connectors male and female along with harness. Just need a jump start or wisdom of a ace to correct this problem...
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    if you take the pin out of holder and then cycle the machine will the solenoid open for the 5 pin to release into the holder, if yes then but still doesnt open when setting then it could be a wire issue as i have come across where you will have continuity when machine is at zero but no continuity when at setting position
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      Sounds like the table harness or table cable


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        Also, try moving that pinholder to see if the issue follows the holder


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          Well I tried looking and trying following.. Switched holders to a known good holder same result. Switching I.O board from next lane and same result . So now i am taking out the deck harness which I did and ordered a new one from Jayhawk Bowling. When looking at wires noticed following..Plastic cover that protects and insulates wire saw bare wire as in time ate the cover away seeing bare wire probly grounding on Pinsetter frame confusing I.O. Board letting A full set from being set. It was on the 5 Row wire way.. So I am installing a new Wire harness assembly brand new and hopefully will cure problem.. Was going to jimmy it but problem will return.. Whats your thoghts on this move?
          walledup10to10 rideing the e.a.c !! you speak whale ??


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            If you were going to replace the harness, go ahead and follow through. Chaffing in the older harness could certainly be the issue, but can be fixed with proper wire handling repair work -- which will give you a spare harness for other issues in the future. So yeah, just complete the swap.


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