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  • Pin Damage

    I have GSX pinsetters just over one year old. Just one of my machines is causing this damage to my pins. I have already adjusted the pin deflector boards to cover the bottom bolts of the pin deflectors on the elevator. I have checked for all sharp edges anywhere that the pin rolls on. The damage is uniform and in a rolling motion. The first picture is about 8 months worth of damage and the second picture is about two weeks worth. I will be doing a pit service on that lane next week to see if it is a roller or the T-band, but I would like to know if anyone has found the reason for this damage. Thanks in advance.

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    I have seen the head of the lower bolt of the front pin guides on the front of the elevator, cause damage like that.


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      Where are the shavings collecting? There will be evidence and piles from this much damage -- look up/follow back from that pile.
      Second, watch where the pins are idling in the pit -- if you can't sit there, get a camera and film the machine for awhile.


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        RedGrif - That was my first thought and hope. It logically would cause this damage, I moved the pin deflector over physical made sure the pins could not touch that bolt at all. After feeling pretty confident that would solve my issue, I did a complete pin swap with the lane next to it. After two weeks I saw that marks starting on them. (second picture). I will be getting the rubber caps used on the ball cushion to cover the head of that bolt just in case.

        loadtoad - we are in a routine of sweeping under all of our lanes every night and with as slow as these marks are appearing, we have not been able to see any collection of shavings. I guess I could put a hold on cleaning under that machine to see if I get a build up.

        I still have a pit service scheduled for next week and I will follow up if I find a solution to my issue.


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          We recently had a similar situation, in our case it turned our that our pin socks were angled a little too far away from the elevator so when the pin dropped in the sock would swing back and hit the the sharp metal corner of the pin deflector. Before it ripped a hole in the sock all the shavings would collected in there then end up on the T-band then under the elevator.


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            AHHH! I need to look into that one. Thank you.


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              I checked the over flow chute on that lane and it is angled just as the other ones are. I did watch for extra play/swing to see if the pins were contacting any sharp corners. Nothing.

              I did complete the pit service on that lane yesterday hope that the issue would just jump out at me. (foreign object on support board, sharp corners I couldn't see with T-band in the way) Nothing.

              I will be watching the pins to see if the pit service somehow fixed my issue.


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                Also if you have the two piece shoe guides, check them for cracking. the shoe guides are where the pin comes off the shark and transitions onto the belts. I have had them crack at the bends and couse pin damage. Later Chief


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                  Thank you Chief. That is a spot I never looked at. I did find a metal bur on the two piece shoe guide (R.H. Shark Rail) and filed it down. I am really hopeful that was my issue.


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                    Well after a few days I am still seeing the marks show up. I only put two unmarked pins in this time so I'm not ruining another set. Back to the drawing board.


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                      How do your elevator shovels look? Is there any debris or maybe loose bolts inside the bottom of your elevator?


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                        Just checked all the shovels and all elevator parts yesterday. No issues at all. I did start taking a really good look over the whole distributor. Nothing has jumped out at me as the cause. I am grasping at straws and have filed down all the sharp corners of the Ejector Flaps, Retaining Bow w/Flap, and changed the overflow socks. I put a new pin in that machine and will see what it does in a few days.


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                          Transition points when the pins move to the outboard lanes of distributor belts? There are raised points on those turn pans as well.


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                            I checked those points also. From the damage I have figured out that it is a black point of damage that is doing this. The color is transferring to the pin as it passes whatever damage point it is. I'm hopeful that the ejector flaps were my issue. I will follow up in a few days.


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                              I'd suggest looking at the pin stations. A piece of debris might have fallen into one and is scratching the pins as it's loading into the pin holder. Also check your pin holders as one of the bolts holding them in place might be loose. All these are just thoughts on where it might be coming from.


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