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GSX pins dumping in table at front


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  • GSX pins dumping in table at front

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for some guidance. My GSX machines have a problem with pins gathering in the table in front of the #3 pinholder. One or two lanes are worse than the rest but it seems like at some point all of them have had this same issue. The problem is inconsistent on a per-machine basis but consistent in the fact that it's always the 3 pin having issues, which makes me think it's an adjustment problem that's the same across the house but I have not been able to track it down.

    Here's the list of what I've looked at (in no particular order):
    Replaced pinholders
    Replaced pin stations & release levers
    Tried different front-to-back adjustment points for pin stations
    Tried different side-to-side adjustment points for pinholders
    Leveled tables at distributor
    Checked all swing shaft wedges and connecting links
    Set table heights at distributor to new 140mm spec
    Added extender tubes to retaining bows
    Adjusted release lever buttons
    Replaced swing shaft plastic bearings
    Cleaned pins
    Cleaned and greased TS1 jam assembly
    Checked and straightened distributor station guide tabs

    Things I haven't tried yet:
    Table wiring harness
    Table cable
    Nexgen boards

    The very few times I've been watching and seen it happen it looks like the pin is dropping from the distributor and bouncing out of the pinholder before the grippers close. That makes the pinholder double-load when it comes back up after detecting second ball and either dumps the second pin on the table or drops it on the lane. The fact that it happens on multiple machines kind of leads me away from it being a wiring issue but it's still possible. The one thing I want to try but haven't been able to is a full new set of pins, we are getting new pins across the house in the spring so I've been holding off on that one for budgets' sake. I did swap our best remaining pins into the worst machine and it didn't change anything.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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    The two main causes I have encountered with this are bent distributor guide fins and worn switch parts in the pin holder. Pin holder issues are the switch clip not holding it in place securely or the pivot piece being worn. Bent distributor fins don't feed the pins into the holders in a consistent manner.
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      If your machines have the Coast Past A turned on, check the setting. Maybe the setting is allowing the table to drop too far and causing issues. Turn it off for a while and see if that makes a difference, check the machine settings and see if any are set differently and if that correlates to a problem machine.


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        I had this issue on a few lanes. It turned out that pins were "fishtailing" while on the green belts and would fall into the 3 pin station that was already occupied.
        Here is the thread with a video.
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          Around the 13 second mark.
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            Distributor guide fins are something I check pretty constantly, even had to replace a few of the metal shields since they had been bent up and bent back so many times. We also are not running Coast Past A.

            The fishtailing pins aren't something I've managed to catch but it makes sense. I've got the sharks leveled and have had to replace a lot of the guide rails right where the pin comes off the shark. I like the suggestion in that thread of using some felt to cushion the blow of the pin transitioning onto the distributor, might have to try that one out.

            I really need to set up a camera like that and get an accurate video of what really happens when they double load.


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              A Go Pro type camera can be an awesome troubleshooting tool. Felt will work, but it does wear out after a while. I installed the Shark kits from Kegel.

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                20191017_132902 (1).jpg

                Here's a tip I picked up from Brunswick training in Michigan to help reduce the fishtail. It also surprisingly cleans the pins pretty well.


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