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  • 6 lb balls

    We've got a lane with a blue transport band that is tight enough so pin flow is not affected but an upwards lip is formed when it's that tight on this specific tband that prevents 6 lb balls to not enter the door. I've played around with band tension before and balls roll off just fine afterwards, but we see more pins hesitating where the slack is between the rear roller and pit wood, which causes other issues. Thinking about changing the tband all together. I've heard about that tband frame support bracket mod that lifts it about 3/8s of an inch but i'd rather not make modifications. Cushion adjustment is fine, band is cleaned, lock parts are good, etc. Previous FM modded door tension brackets to lessen tension but slower door closing time will cause a pin the accelerator. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    I have not came across curled edges on the tband, so can't speak to the different styles/colors - I use OEM or ones from Splawn Belting. I'd be hesitant to mess with door springs as well, pins in subway is way worse issue than balls idling. I would probably just replace the tband as well...if you have one that is used, but serviceable maybe that's a good compromise.


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      You are right about a fine balance on the t-band tension. Too much and the lightweight balls won't follow the ramp into the ball door, not enough and pins tend to idle on the t-band. I also would suggest changing the t-band. I like the Kegel white t-band myself.
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