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  • Drive Gear

    In the last month one of the lanes I work on has broken 3 drive gears that control the table lift. The gears have very small tiny cracks that shouldn't make a difference. Anyone have a clue how to stop this?

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    Re: Drive Gear

    what series of gs. are you talking about the gears that the chain for the crank arm goes to?
    Travis Turner


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      Re: Drive Gear

      1noob, are you talking about the gear that engages the straight geared rack on the table posts? (More info and a part number would make it easier to help)
      If you are, there are two types of gear.
      One is plastic, which I believe is now discontinued.
      The other is Iron.

      We are in the process of swapping out our plastic gears for the iron ones.
      It is just one of those things where it was the wrong material for the job.
      If you don't know and you don't ask, you still don't know


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        Re: Drive Gear

        1noob if it is the table lift gear they should all be swap out with iron ones if it is plastic. If someone is working on the machine and is under the table or on the deck and it should let loose the table is comming down with full force and nothing to stop it. This is a dangerous situation as that gear and chain along with the brake in the motor are the only things that hold the table up.

        Replace with metal as soon as possilbe.


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          Re: Drive Gear

          Hey guys, I'm another mechanic at the same center as 1noob. The lane's back up and running, though I never figured out exactly what it was.

          The gear he was talking about was the Drive Gear that goes on the double bearing plate that attaches the table motor pully to the main drive chain (which is then linked to the sweep, etc). When the table would get down to detect or set, the sprocket shaft that goes in the chain was slipping.

          Initially we pulled the drive gear off and noticed there were hairline fractures around the shaft keys, so we replaced it with a new one, and the machine ran fine for a week.

          1noob came in Saturday and the same thing was happening, so he replaced the drive gear again, and it didn't get anywhere. He started messing around with the chain, rethreading the links around the sprocket. Everything ran fine from then (around 2 or 3 PM) throughout the night, and through a lock-in we had. So it was fine for around 18 hours of continuous use.

          Sunday morning, same thing, slippage again.

          I pulled off the double bearing plate today, and replaced it with a new one including a new sprocket shaft and pinion shaft, and everything seems fine again. Only thing I can think of is the sprocket shaft teeth were worn down and not gripping the chain properly anymore.

          I'm sure if this doesn't work you will hear from one of the two of us again.

          Edit: These are GS-98s BTW, series 404.
          Fix it the right way? You can't do that unless it worked right to begin with.


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