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What is the difference in these books and/or guards?


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  • What is the difference in these books and/or guards?

    Books in the technical downloads section for Brunswick...

    GS CPO Pinsetter
    GS Pinsetter with Base/Fixed Guarding
    GS Pinsetter with Advanced Guarding

    Bottom line, what book do I need?...and where the heck is the English version of the GS Pinsetter with Advanced Guarding?

    Also...those that know me know that I am picky about things...these are GS machines. The GS means Games why are they called pinsetters?
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    I'm no Brunswick sales rep but this is how I understand it as I have been following the development of this machine ever since the first hint about it in the 80's.

    I believe way back when the Game Setter 10 came out they went with that tying into the scoring system at the time or the features it had. I think it also had to do with the fact that now, the Game Setter could setup any pin combination you wanted- I remember that was a big selling point.

    As far as the others you mention I thought I read that the CPO machine is a Certified Pre Owned pinsetter.

    The basic/fixed guarding should be the standard guards with the machine.

    The advanced guarding is a complete safety system that "prevents user access to the pinsetter unless the power is off", something you would find likely in Europe.

    Beautiful machines.


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