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Not releasing Pin 8


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  • Not releasing Pin 8

    Last one guys i promise you.. well for now anyway

    we have a lane the also wont release pin 8 from its pin cup.. we have checked the wires, pin cup, table height everything and we are getting well and truely stuck!

    any ideas will be great

    thanks again again


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    bad solenoid? maybe a pinch wire(check resistance)? pin holder?


    • #3
      we have put new pin cups on and made sure that the wires are ok but i will double check


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        9times out of 10 it's the table cable. U can't go off just testing it because it might work in the position your testing it
        Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


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          Again, switch consolidated I/O board to see if the problem follows the board.
          If it does, change the TIP 120 for that particular solenoid.
          The triacs for the Consolidated Electronics I/O are

          Q2:Pin 1 solenoid
          Q3:Pin 2 solenoid
          Q4:Pin 3 solenoid
          Q14: Spotting tong solenoid
          All of them are protected by CB2.

          Q5:Pin 4 solenoid
          Q6:Pin 5 solenoid
          Q7:Pin 6 solenoid
          Q15: Sweep release solenoid
          All protected by CB3

          Q8:Pin 7 solenoid
          Q9:Pin 8 solenoid
          Q10:Pin 9 solenoid
          Q16: Stroke limiter solenoid
          All of them are protected by CB4

          Q11:Pin 10 solenoid
          Q12:Ball door solenoid
          Q17:Shark solenoid
          All of them are protected by CB5

          All motor contactors,pin light relay,masking lamp relays are controlled by U1
          (ULN 2803,This is 8 darlington transistors packed in a 18 pin DIP chip),protected by CB1.

          Those transistors are TIP120's which are available at Radio Shack. Be very careful.
          It's easy to booger up the board trying to un-solder those and get them off.
          Make sure you use caution and precision instruments.


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            it was the IO board again.. new company tryin to fix them and doin a bad jon


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