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Table cable modification


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  • Table cable modification

    I have found out that once the wires on a tablecable break, it's always in the last 2 meters of the cable.
    I've cut of the last 7 foot (2 meters) put on a new connector and made a spare cable.

    Now it's easy to fix a cable within a minute.
    I've got a spare cable of 2 meters, so once when I expect a problem with the cable, it's a fast change.

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    Nicely done!

    I've used the image URLs from your photobucket to show the pics.




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      So, this was done on all 10 machines to alter the design to have a break near the table side of the cable?(and a replacement created for quick repair)

      Where were the connectors obtained from?

      What is that black plastic chain/cable protector?


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        After we had one cable break, and I got the shock of my life hearing the cost of a new cable I thought... why change the whole cable as only the last 7 foot or so are the problem.
        Went online (rsonline) and found all the items needed. Cut of the last 2 meters of the old cable and made this conversion. After 2 weeks I went over all cables and changed all others also.
        To protect the cable better I found this cable chain. Cable has more support and is better protected.
        The last thing I changed is a aluminium plate that is holding the connector.
        I changed these cables 2 years ago and never had a broken cable again. But.... I know when a cable breaks it is a fast and easy change.


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          That sounds like a very good, cost effective improvement to the original design.... the very definition of a great tech tip! I really like the cable chain idea for protection too.

          And on a purely logical basis, why replace the entire cable assembly (which is expensive as you point out) when only the end of it is bad and can be repaired or modified like this?

          Well done


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            Here is a list of items needed:

            I don't know if Rs online has the same partsnumbers in the US but it's a start....
            Parts needed for cable
            Discription Order number RS Online
            1 Cable 2 meters long 660-4074
            1 New plug male 160-0926
            2 CPC cable Clamp 411-444
            1 Old cable plug(Female) 160-910
            1 Cable protector chain 3825212
            54 Connector Female socket 372-412
            27 Connector Male socket 372-850


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              The cable I used has slightly diffrent colors:

              # Color New color Remark
              1 White Jumper to 29
              5 Brouwn
              6 Zgreen
              7 Yellow
              8 Gray
              9 Pink
              10 Blue
              11 Red
              12 Black
              13 Purple
              14 Pink/ gray Orange
              15 Empty
              16 Red / Blue Red /Black
              17 Green / White White /Green
              18 Green / Brown
              19 Yellew / White Yellow / Purple
              20 Brown/ Yellow Yellow /Brown
              21 Grey / White White / Purple
              22 Brown / Gray Grey / Brown
              23 White/ Pink Purple / Black
              24 Brown / Pink White / Brown
              25 Blue / White White / Blue
              26 Blue /Brown Blue / Black
              27 Red / White White /Red
              28 Red / Brown
              29 White Jumper to 1
              30 Brown / Black
              31 Green /Gray Gray /Green


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                Great mod and great follow-up!


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                  How are you connecting the new 7 foot cable to the existing harness? Where I have problems is at the molex connector in the pin holder.
                  What size gauge wire makes up the harness? I do have a spare harness in house now but do need help to keep my costs down.
                  Thank you


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                    The side of the Nexgen box is untouched. After I cut down the last 7 foot, I put a new plug on. Make a new cable 7 foot long anf put plugs on both sides (one female and one male). I used the same cable thkness as the original one.


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                      molex connectors

                      Where can i get the wire spade connector ends at? I cant find them in any brunswick parts catalogs i have on hand. There is no Radio Shack in this area anymore. And i checked the local electrical supply companies they looked at me like i was from outer space.I think Molex is a company that makes them . But I dont know what part number to use to make sure I get the right ones. If you know where i can get some let me know Please!


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                        I bought them online at RS Components. This belongs to the Allied group.


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                          I like this. Those cables can be problematic when they break. This is an interesting mod indeed.

                          Bring me the freshest "Mean Green" known to man! Juice on!


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                            I particularly love the cable chain idea, protects it while still allowing it to move. Kind of wonder why it wasn't designed with this.


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