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Level table is not always better


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  • Level table is not always better

    When I level my tables I don't level them perfectly side to side I let the bubble on the level touch the line on the right side 10 pin side the reason for this is because it will still set pins perfectly (depending if your table height is correct) but this compensates for the little bit the 10 side drops on stroke since the table is stopped on the left side by the stroke limiter. Perfectly leveled table the measurement between the pin detect plate and pin on 4, 9, 10 was always too small sometimes even causing a J2. As u can see in the second pic my table is on stroke and the same amount of the red collars on the pins is showing on all 10 pins
    sorry about the side pics sometimes when I upload it does that and don't know how to correct it
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    Keep an eye on it see if it does it again

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    You know, I've always wondered about the table when it stops on the stroke limiter, the weight resting on one side, and if something like this could happen.

    Apparently it can and the off level adjustment is so slight I'll bet you can even tell just by looking at the table with the naked eye.

    Nicely done bro, another tip for this forum.


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      4,9,10 was an error.. It was 6,9,10
      Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


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        Having 57 error code with my GSX machines. This was the first thing I checked and adjusted level and no difference. have checked many things, changed parts and wires still happening. I am coming back to the levelness causing the issue. i will try your tip to see if it will help. THanks and keep the posts coming. Gene


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