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Weird Bowl-Mor's(And a few questions for other mech's)


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  • Weird Bowl-Mor's(And a few questions for other mech's)

    Three days ago I tried out candlepin at Seneca Lanes in Fostoria Ohio, and the Bowl-Mor's I saw there were quite interesting and unique to any others out there. Here is a video I got of it cycling:
    The first thing I noticed was the odd sweep on them, both boards are way more taller than any other Bowl-Mor sweep boards I have seen before, and the triangle cut out on the top board is on the bottom of it instead of the top. There is also a wood block on the back of the bottom boards of them. The bottom board also doesn't move up and down freely like other ones out there I have seen online.
    Another thing I noticed is that the table comes about 3/4's down and drops the pins and then comes back up(question about this later in the post).
    I was able to see the backend thanks to the owner and so there were many other visual differences I noticed, for one he control boxes on these looked different than others:
    The frame of the pin lift was more of a square shape and didn't have rounded corners:
    The motors on them said "Blount" on the sides:
    These also had a separate ball lift on them(not uncommon)
    According to the owner, these 4 lanes were taken from a closed down center in the New England states back in the 1960's-1970's. With this info and of all of the things I described, this makes me very curious to ask this: Could these possibly be the Bowl-Mor Model A's? I looked on the back of the pin lift siding and this was the only plate I could find:
    As you can see, this plate doesn't have the Model name or the Serial number on it.

    Here are a few questions I have for other Bowl-Mor mechanics out there:
    1. Where else can the plate be that indicates the Model and Serial number?
    2. How can you have the table lower all the way down to the deck and not stop 3/4ths down and drop the pins from there? The owner wants to know this as he hates hearing the pins drop and bang against the deck.

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    I've worked on bowlmors for almost 20 yrs.
    that sweep the top board is upside down. The bottom board is supposed to float, and is much too wide.
    i think, not positive however, judging by the electric boxes, would make them b c or d models.
    Pinlift frames are common across all models except E and possibly early models
    the "Blount" motors are motor speed reducers. The motor connects to the top shaft which in turn drives the sweep and conveyor system, as shown there.

    those machines have the old cable drive system. How high are the tubes coming up in relation to the top board?


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      In your third pic the straight piece of chain on the right is attached to the arm that governs how far the tube deck moves. If the pivot holding the chain is moved further out toward the end of the arm the tube deck will move more. Then you have to adjust somewhere else to make the tube deck stop at the right height when it is up. Longer cables would be the easiest answer because the cables break frequently anyway.Then the latch would have to be adjusted to make it release at the proper height.


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        Which model had the sweep running on tracks like as seen in you tube videos of Lafayette lanes? Those sweeps went down and up really fast


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          Tablejam Those were the Model E's. The center is now called Riverwalk Lanes & Games.
          Going back to my question, could these be the Model A's? The motor on the top of the pin elevators is located on the side facing the front unlike others where it faces the back.
          Also mikey or mr.badwrench , Do you know where else the Model and Serial plate could be?


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            The pinlift frame may be model A because the Model D plates I've seen have a model and a 4 digit serial number. The electrical boxes are probably Model C or early Model D.


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              In the pics I posted the one on the left is old, possibly Model A, with a Renner circuit board replacing the relays. The one on the right is a Model D. Notice the hinged cover over the thermal overload switches. The ones you posted had triple switchplates instead of the cover which probably makes them Model C or early Model D. They will have all the same relays as a Model D unless they have been modified.


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                As I posted earlier, the left pic is showing how to change the total amount the pindeck is lifted. A new hole was drilled in the arm for the chain conversion shown in the second pic. If you want that conversion you can call and have a crew come in and install it. The third pic is a conversion that I helped install made from mostly parts you can get from Grainger with a little machining. Either chain conversion is much better than the cables.


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                  The pinlift motors can face either way since the brakes were removed. If you look under the motor pulley on the pinlift motors you showed you will see slots where the brakes used to be mounted.


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