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  • New curtain hanger
    Pics at above link if if imageshack disappears them.

    I got sick of J bolts wearing grooves in the lumber above and designed a new way to hang pit curtains. The curtain can still swing freely forward and back but doesn't dance when a fast moving pin or ball hits it.

    1 60" length of 1 1/2" steel pipe
    2 3" lengths of 2" steel pipe
    2 1/4" X 1 1/2" X 6" pieces of flat steel with slots. I found these laying around. I think they may be obsolete masking unit brackets from Brunswick A machines.
    Some thin vinyl sheet I had laying around. I put 2 layers of it between the 1 1/2" and 2" pipe and sprayed with silicone to act as bearings.
    2 1/2"-13 X 12" threaded rod.
    4 1/2"-13 nuts and 4 lock washers
    1 1/4" X 4" X 56" piece of flat steel
    2 pieces of angle iron about 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" X 8" that bolt to the 2X lumber above the kickback. I used some larger angle I had already. Make sure if installing on a division kickback you install the angle on both sides at the same time for both pinsetters so you can bolt through both at the same time.
    Plywood shims to lift the pipes to the right height. I added one layer of old rubber candlepin kickback plate in the middle of each pile of shims to absorb shock.
    4 bolts with nuts and washers about 1/4" X 3" to hold the slotted steel to the angle iron below.

    Measure carefully to center the parts as you build and install this and the last step to install is to drill and tap 2 1/4"-20 holes in the 1 1/2" pipe just toward the center of the pinsetter from the 2" pipes and install bolts to keep it all centered. You can make fine adjustments in centering the curtain when you drill these last holes.

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    Great work badwrench! Very creative.


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      I upgraded the rest of the lanes where the prototype was installed. The first pic is unconverted with the old J bolts. The second pic is parts ready to install. The third pic is the parts installed. The fourth pic is finished.


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        Wow! Mr BW, that is ingenious! You gonna write a book on all this? I also thought your cam idea on the tube board was revolutionary!



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          Thank you. The book is all here. I don't see any money in trying to patent any of these ideas so I publish them here where anyone interested can copy them.


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