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New design for pushing latch finger assy forward


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  • New design for pushing latch finger assy forward

    Problem: Some cams on latch finger assemblies are worn from lack of lubrication.
    Problem: Some rear crossmembers of sweep frames are bent or broken because of neglect and years of frequent jams.
    Problem: Some latch finger assemblies are bent up at the #5 and rear pin positions.


    The lever keeps all forward and rear force contained in the tube deck and changes it to upward force against the upper deck. The spring loaded rod mounted in the upper deck never moves during normal operation but the spring will compress in the event of a jam to keep parts from wearing or breaking.

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    So does this new design replace the cam so the cam would not be needed anymore ?


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      That cam was worn so much it needed 1 1/2" or 2" of shims behind the striker plate on the sweep frame. I removed all the shims and reinstalled the striker plate. The cam is now doing nothing. The cam can now be removed or left in place.


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        That is nice! I LIKE THAT! Well done.

        Looks like a deck jam tube spring


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          Originally posted by House View Post

          Looks like a deck jam tube spring
          You are correct, sir. I cut it to 6" long. It had already been cut to 7" long and used as a lift rod helper spring. Having it over the regular lift rod spring made it pull straight instead of crooked like other helpers, but still added too much pressure. Rod cover was splitting. You can also see a 12-150158 at the bottom of the spring. The angle brackets and wood blocks attaching the hinge to the tube deck used to hold a cable pulley to move the tube deck up and down. New materials were 1/8" X 1" X 1" angle, 1/8" X 1 flat stock, and 3/8" threaded rod.


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            The second version is up and running.


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              My pictures seem to have disappeared so I just reuploaded them.


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