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  • Foul

    Foul units from a candlepin house. No manufacturer name or model number and the transformers have Radio Shack price tags on them. Did Renner make these?

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    Not seen those. Perhaps from the machine manufacturer Bowl Mor. And very well could have been made custom for every job from them.

    To me, what's important is what is the output from them to either supply the machine with a foul cycle, or indicate a foul to the scoring system.
    Most foul units will offer a foul signal that is either a voltage or a switch closure for the machine or scoring. See if you can determine if there are wires going to the back from the foul unit. Then put a volt meter on those wires to see if they are , first, a voltage output (AC or DC), if no voltage, switch the meter to continuity to see if the output is a switch closure.
    That will tell me a lot.
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      These predate scoring. When we installed scoring in 2001 we had a choice of Qubica or semi automatic scoring where the bowler throws a ball and then types in pinfall. I suspect Renner because he made "solid state" pinsetter control boxes to replace the Bowl Mor relays. His weren't really solid state because they had pilot relays in the silver box. His did use transistors to replace the big relays.

      And the silver box on these foul units does mount on the curtain wall. The light source bulb and buzzer go on one side of the lane, possibly the division side because we got 7 units from a 12 lane house, and the photocells go on the other side at the foul line.


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        That's how the first automatic foul detectors were - the size made it so you had to put them on the curtain wall. Any signal out would had been for controlling the machine after a foul, or just indicating it, which was the primary reason. The original AMFs had a photocell on the division and because of the small amount of resistance in it, had to have a fixed length of wire so as to not change the total resistance to the 82-8 unit (the infamous green wire).
        The number of wires from this box in the photo seems to be something similar. A single light source on the division, and 2 photocells. The length of wire is suspect, else it's been cut. I agree he my have built them with what was off-the-shelf parts. More likely since there is no evidence of a manufacturing process (label, stamped #, etc.).

        One for the museum badwrench.
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          Yup. The wires were cut when the units were removed. No provision was made to control the pinsetter in any way. The semi auto scoring has no way to cycle the pinsetter or detect balls. The only thing Qubica scoring tells the pinsetter is pinsetter on or cycle.


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            Mr. Badwrench I would tend to agree these are Renner units - was there a circuit board with them as well?
            -Kris W


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              The circuit board is on the left partly hidden by the case. You can see some of the components attached to the board.


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